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Expat services

What are our services?

Residence documents

Frankly: Romania´s bureaucracy is quite difficult. It can take a long time to solve a minimal issue. We are here to walk the "shortcuts" with you and assist you no matter what your needs or company´s needs might be.

We provide you accompanied visits to the administration authority for:

  • Visa resolution for EU or non-EU citizens

  • Employment authorization document

  • Social security number

  • Preparing all the necessary documents: translations, formalization

Medical system

  • Explain the Romanian medical system - private and public

  • Health insurance

  • Information on nearest hospital, urgent care and emergency room


We provide you assistance in finding the right accommodation.

  • If possible, we put you in touch with a real estate agent who speaks your native language

  • We assist you in the contracting phase

  • Advise on documents needed

  • Prepare lease

  • Assist with administrative steps to prepare for move

Other services

  • Translations

  • Notaries formalization

  • Legal advising

  • Account advising

Intercultural consulting

Intercultural communication is so much more than language exchange. It is the key to effective communication across cultures and the key to a successful business venture and expat journey.

  • We will discuss different intercultural communication parameters and how to use this knowledge in daily and business life. 

  • We also discuss practicalities: the dos and don`ts of living in Romania, to help you avoid costly mistakes.

  • We will talk about all the aspects that interest you the most. Might be in terms of mentality, business environment, social aspects or political. 

Let us talk and plan your journey!

If your organization employs expats in Romania, you have come to the right place. We know from our own experience what it takes so that your employees meet all the necessary legal requirements.


But also to choose the right medical care and suitable accommodation is very important.


We are here to support you!



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