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Company foundation

If you, as a Non-Romanian citizen, are considerung doing business in Romania, we would be pleased to advise you. We have experience in founding companies in Romania. 

Benefit from our knowledge and experience and save yourself time and unnecessary cost. If desired, we will create for you a tailor-made business plan and support you through the entire start-up process.

What are our services?

Business plan

After consulting with you, we will create a tailor-made business plan that includes the components such as the description of your business, the planned business goals, the necessary official channels (notary, bank, tax consultant, etc.), possible EU funding, cost management, risk analysis, business development (incl. market screening) and on End includes the steps necessary to implement. 

Support in setting up your company

We accompany you on all your ways to founding your company. Be it going to the register of commerce to obtain your "certificate de inregistrare" (CUI), be it support from a tax advisor or opening your company account. We support you on all your journeys and are available with advice and action. 


Based on your requirements, we search the Romanian job market for you. It is important for us that the canditates meet your qualitative expectations and then take care of the necessary steps with regard to their employment. 

Location and required infrastructure

We will find the right office location in accordance with your geographical requirements and help you negotiate the contract with the landlord. We also help you organize the necessary infrastructure such as office furnitures, company vehicles, etc., to name just a few.

Let us talk and design a plan that is right for you!

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