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Business support

Austrian Consultancy offers different services for your company. Regardless of whether you temporarily need additional staff or professional support to implement your projects or whether you intend to set up an integrated management system (IMS) that respons to the requirements of the ISO certification. 

We have the necessary know-how and are happy to support you.

What are our services?

Project services

We have certified project managers for you, who achieve together with your subject matter experts the set project goals in terms of time, cost and quality in the best possible way. But we are also happy to provide you with other project management resources such as the project planner, contract manager or project coordinator.

Besides of this, we would be happy to develop tailor-made project management standards for your company.

Upon special request, we also organize PM training courses for your employees, whereby the essence of professional project management is conveyed in a realistic manner.


Integrated management systems (IMS)

If you want to introduce an ISO certified integrated management system into your compay, or if you want to carry out an internal audit according to ISO 19011 within your organization or at your suppliers or subcontractors, we would be pleased to support you. We have TÜV-certified specialists for the international standards  ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 who undertake these tasks for you. 

Once ISO certification has been achieved, we will be happy to continue to support your IMS externally in accordance with the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” cycle and accompany you during the annual TÜV monitoring audit.


Just like we have been doing with our partner, the ICB Group in Vienna, since 2018.



Provision of human resources

If there is an increased need for personnel in your operational business, we will make temporary staff available according to your requirements. Please note that this service is only available in Romania.

Let us talk and get more detailed information!

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